Worldwide action:

Print out a text for real democracy and on 5th of November 2012, show it visibly wherever you are. (more info)

Hashtag specifically for this event: #nov5 is #PowerOfWordsDay

@revolution_info just wrote to us, suggesting to choose a twitter hashtag in addition to #nov5 to increase specificity. This is what came to our minds.

As of now, the primary hashtag used for this action here is #nov5, since this event takes place on the fifth of November. Additionally, this specific date is integral part of this action, as it is based on the connotations of the fifth of November, especially created by the film “V for Vendetta”. Also in use is #5nov (reversed). Another possible notation could be #5n. The use of abbreviated dates as hashtags has a tradition not only in the Real Democracy Now and Occupy movements. For example, the tag #15o or #15oct was used worldwide as primary hashtag for protests on the 15th of October 2011 in all countries.

But @revolution_info has made a point: In the aftermath of #15o, many different events are started by the people for the people: On the fifth of November it is this event here of course and for example the BankTransferDay event, both using #nov5 (and more). It might indeed have advantages to clarify things up a little and use a hashtag as unique as possible for each event. The main plus could be to establish a new tradition and meme in the course of establishing a new hashtag. Because in any case our aim is to repeat this event again on the fifth of November 2012.

So what specific hashtag would be the best choice? With this event, it all boils down to the power of words. We have a lot of very meaningful texts in this world, one example being the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a lot more, and more probably every day, but they seem to get forgotten over time and in practice.

To quote from our own call to action here:

  • To show to the powerful and to the world (…) that texts are not just lame words but have meaning
  • which we will pursue. (…)
  • inciting discussion and thinking about that meaning.

So from now on we’ll use #PowerOfWordsDay as specific hashtag. To integrate new people, we’ll also have to make use of sentences like “#nov5 is #PowerOfWordsDay”. Second place went to #Print(Out)ATextDay, which illustrates straightforward how to realize this idea.

2 Comments on “Hashtag specifically for this event: #nov5 is #PowerOfWordsDay”

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  2. Good day! I ckuld have sworn I’ve been to thjs blog before
    but after going through a few of the posts I realize it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m certainly happy I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and
    checking back frequently!

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