Worldwide action:

Print out a text for real democracy and on 5th of November 2012, show it visibly wherever you are. (more info)

More ways to Occupy

Two days ago David Waldman posted an article on Daily Kos that details ideas about how to participate in the Occupy movement, even when there is no Occupation near you or you can’t camp out. These tips revolve around the principle of the power of words, and so make perfectly valuable information on what to do on the 5th of November for this action here.

Short summary of the tips from the article:

  • even a single word written on a paper and shown can have big effects
  • homemade signs are a way to express yourself
  • you can reach a lot of people by placing the sign or text so it can be seen from public spaces
  • everything is allowed: from one word to short simple messages to long texts
  • everything is allowed: from painted signs using a template and projector to the basic and regular printed out text
  • further tips can be found at Freeway Blogger’s page

Also very motivating: a quote from the last paragraph in Waldman’s article:

“I mention these options because it was hearing the story from a friend of what it meant to see a random “We Are the 99%” sign posted at a big corporate bank’s ATM location way out in the boonies that finally inspired me to pull this old diary out and rework it for the Occupy movement.
You can do the same.”

Word! Let’s mark this November the 5th. Words will retain their power.

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