Worldwide action:

Print out a text for real democracy and on 5th of November 2012, show it visibly wherever you are. (more info)

Current tasks for #nov5

12 days left till the 5th of November.
The most important tasks right now are:

  • Spreading the idea of this action worldwide

    • mainly via the internet, but not exclusively
    • informing people directly
    • contacting existing real democracy now / occupy / similar groups
    • boosting distribution by creating media (like YouTube videos) or translating texts
    • acting as an individual
    • acting as a group
  • Posting plans and ideas for the 5th of November in detail here

    • what are you going to do on #nov5
    • what might be additional good ideas for #nov5
    • inspiring others and documenting knowledge in a posting
    • acting as an individual
    • acting as a group

Feel free to pitch in; support wanted! To contact us, post here or write us a message on Twitter (@FifthOfNovember). Additional details can be found in the Multiply-section.

Each person that takes part will make somebody think.

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